50 Days of Film

Writer, Producer, Art Designer, Director, Editor

I wrote, produced, designed and edited 50 films in as many days. You can read an interview about this project here and watch all the films by clicking the button below:

Josephine Sillars ‘Live’ Set

Vogue Arabia, Her Dark Materials

Fashion and Set Assistant

Orla Gartland Merchandise and Video


Josephine Sillars ‘Skeleton’ Music Video

Starring Actress / Locations

Other Credits Include:

Set Design – ‘Classic Sh*t’ 777 Music Video

Stylist – ‘Down’ Music Video

Director – ‘An Apocalyptic Sequence of Grief’ A Short Film

Writer, Producer, Director – ‘Night Light’ A Short Film

Writer, Producer Director – Alibals Valentine Promotional Video

Writer, Producer Director – ‘Made – Up’ A Short Film shown at SQIFF 2020

Writer, Producer Director – ‘This Person Does Not Exist’ A Short Film shown at SQIFF 2020