50 Days of Film

I decided to start off 2021 with a project I called: ’50 Days of Film’. I uploaded a self-made film every day for the first 50 days of 2021 which can be seen below or on my Youtube Channel. You can read more about this project in this article.

Day 1/50

Smile’ Shot on iPhone 6.

First place, SAE’s 60 Second Film Competition.

“It perfectly integrated the iPhone and the competition’s online nature into the storytelling...”

Day 2/50

‘We Need to Talk’

A glimpse into the inside of my head made with a Panasonic GH4, a string attached to my toe and a lot of determination to make my small space work with a 85mm lens.

Day 3/50

‘Long Distance Love During Lockdown’

This started as an exercise to keep me busy during a very long and arduous plane journey during a pretty scary time. I used this footage as a subtitling exercise and added a poem using the skills I learned while taking part in SQIFF 2020.

Day 4/50

‘Auld Willie Winkie’

Here’s a tale made by my dad and my mum on how Wee Wullie Winkie has been coping with modern life.

Day 5/50

‘Into Focus’

A poem (performed this time) about what we lost and what we learned in this trying time.

Written and directed by me.

Day 6/50

‘Taking Out the Trash’

(tw: domestic and sexual abuse)

To treat the subject matter with the sensitivity it deserves I opted for stylised visuals with a grade focussed on primary colours in order to let the voiceover lead the story.

This is my darkest, most personal film to date, and the one I am most proud of.

Day 7/50

‘Dolled Up’

I’ve loved this doll ever since a very good friend left with with me and I knew I just had to have her star in one of these.

Editing is usually my least favourite part of filmmaking but this time it was such a joy!

Day 8/50


A documentary about the making of a masterpiece for which my chapped lips will never forgive me.

Day 9/50

‘Night Light’

A horror/thriller made for my final hand-in of last semester.

Special thanks to Tom Booth, Jack Welsh, Tristan Taylor, Lynn Cunningham and Mark Mcghee for making this possible.

Day 10/50

‘Zoom Class’

This one is for anyone who’s ever attended a Zoom class they can’t disable the camera for.

I really wanted to use my laptop’s built in camera for something and cooked up this fun little script, I hope you enjoy!

Day 11/50

‘This Person Does Not Exist’

Today’s was an interesting one for me. I always knew I wanted to use the images found on www.thispersondoesnotexist.com for something but I didn’t know what until I took a filmmaking workshop run by SQIFF 2020. Participants were given the theme ‘Identity’ to work with and I instantly thought of this slightly creepy website and the accompanying poem just flowed naturally from there.

Day 12/50

‘Fashion Show But Like In the Corner’

An editing exercise that turned into a fashion film that turned into a music video that never thought of a better name for. This was a trip back to my fashion roots and I am very grateful to Kieran John Watson for letting me use his music.

Day 13/50

‘Woodland Elke’

I can’t wait to revisit the footage for this one and remake it with a bigger cut. Elke Bucher was so fantastic to work with it’s hard to pick a favourite scene!

The music is again by the wonderful Kieran John Watson and I love how it adds such mystery and magic to the dance moves.

Day 14/50


A short little practice peice I’ve been working on to expand my editing skills with unexpected tricks.

Day 15/50

‘Evening Routine’

With this one I wanted to create something with building tension as practice for more horror ideas I have coming up.

Day 16/50


I first made this film as my second entry to SAE’s 60 Second Mobile Film Competition but since my other entry won first place and the first attempt wasn’t lit too well, I gave it another go.

It’s so great to see how much I’ve improved! It feels so reassuring to see actual process and know all this daily planning, shooting and editing is worth it.

Day 18/50


A quick lesson in sound design with some intentionally bad CGI and a lot of fun.

Day 19/50

‘Empty Carriage’

After learning about the different modes of documentary in university I decided I wanted to give Poetic a try.

This was a quick practice I made from archive video I had from a particularly empty train ride a few months ago.

Day 20/50

‘Knock Knock’

The punchline on this one could have been a little stronger, but I’m glad my lighting and colour grading is improving.

Day 21/50

‘Wrong Number’

A little lengthy, but a good effort for a super busy day. I’m so glad that picking up the camera and creating a narrative is so second nature to me now that I can just pump out a usable film quickly in short chunks of time! It’s exactly these kinds of skill I wanted to gain during this project- now I just need to focus on polishing my practice.

Day 22/50


A super fun video by Tristan Taylor! I had so much fun on the day in spite of the risk of setting my house on fire. Tristan was such a great director and it was nice to have the experience of being directed by someone so good at it so I can take that knowledge forward to aid my future practice.

Day 23/50

‘Self Care’

A small reminder to myself and others to not forget your bodies need for rest and pampering in a weird time no one was prepared for.

Day 24/50


My video today didn’t quite go as planned so at 9pm I found myself with nothing to post!

I realised I had to come up with something and fast and managed to take this film from concept to final cut in just 90 minutes!

It’s absolutely no where near my usual standards- but knowing I can deal with time constraints as tight as this is something I’m grateful for.

Day 25/50


Special thanks to Suzy Berry for making these visuals happen so last minute and to Kieran John Watson for the amazing soundtrack!

Day 26/50


This was posted just before midnight! I learned today that I have to schedule my time better and ensure I leave enough time to edit! Especially when its something so reliant on post-production like this one. I think I’ll take some time soon to redo this one and prove to myself that taking the time to do the job right is always the best way forward.

Day 27/50

‘Beauty Blogger’

It was so refreshing to make a film with someone who wasn’t me! I’m glad I got to do it within COVID safety restrictions too.

Thanks to Jordan Wilson for his excellent performance.

Day 28/50

‘Looking For A Fix’

I was really lucky to be a part of this cast of this fabulous little number by Tom Booth! I have met some great people at film school and I’m so eager to know what other gems we’re going to make together!

Day 29/50

‘Your Own Bed’

A girl comes home to a very grim discovery.

I had this one in my head for a long time so it was brilliant to finally make it come to life with some help!

Day 30/50

‘You’re Allowed To Be Lazy’

I decided to plan a film the same way I used to design photoshoots in my time as a creative director. Turns out being the stylist, set designer, model and photographer all at the same time is a real challenge! I do think I rose to it well and created something pretty cool to go with Kieran John Watson’s brilliant music.

Day 31/50


A COVID-era daylight horror film.

I was inspired by Aster’s ‘Midsommar’ and tasked myself with creating a daylight horror film with the small amount of resources full lockdown allows me.

Day 32/50


My entry for Curzon Cinema and Agua de Madre’s Female British Filmmakers Lockdown Competition.

It’s very sweet looking back on my old films and seeing how much I’ve learned since then- I didn’t even have my settings on 4K for this one!

Day 33/50


Seeing if I could emulate Daniel Schiffer’s video style for future promo videos.

Also a very tasty and fun to make snack.

Day 34/50

‘Finger Food’

Inspired by Martin Scorcese’s ‘The Big Shave’ this one could have done with more rehearsal of the finger movements and better blood placement, but the result is seriously silly, very gruesome and completely twisted. Just the kind of films I want to make.

Day 35/50


An accidentally prophetic and bleak story written more than a year ago before lockdown even began.

I held off on creating this film as I really wanted to spend some time casting the perfect actress in the role but we’re all just doing what we can during this pandemic.

I’m glad I have my very talented camera man Moritz Reitz to bring my ideas (and shoddy acting) to life.

Day 36/50

‘Fire Poi’

Coming up with safe video ideas in a lockdown is really quite difficult and I’m glad I found Eilidh Graham and Suzy Berry to help me make this one!

Music is again by the wonderful Kieran John Watson.

Day 37/50

‘This Is A Recurring Meeting’

I created this film completely on Zoom and Premiere Pro. It’s great coming up with ideas that don’t involve my DSLR and I’m especially thrilled about this one because the fatigue of this challenge is starting to hit me and I needed a short catch up with some of my favourite people.

Day 38/50

‘An Apocalyptic Sequence of Grief’

This is the beginning of the film I created with my classmates for university.

Written by Jack Welsh, Starring Mark McGhee, Produced by Tom Booth, Directed by Rhianonne Stone

Day 39/50

‘Dog Sitting’

Having my mum and dad’s dog for a few days got my creative juices flowing! His spooky and cute demeanour got me full of ideas! He really was well behaved too.

Day 40/50


This snowy horror-comedy is by no means up to my usual standards but I really just loved frolicking in the snow with my two favourite boys.

Being on the last 10 of these films feels so surreal! I never thought I’d make it this far and I’ve considered giving up so many times. The perseverance and determination this has taught me is just as valuable as the film production skills I’ve learned. I’m so glad I decided to get on this ride and I’m excited to see what I do for the coming climax!

Day 41/50

Alibals Valentines Promo Vid

Alex from Alibals came to me with her idea for this and I produced, directed and edited her lovely performance for her Valentines collection.

Day 42/50

As part of my degree I was tasked with creating a short 1-2minute documentary and after spending weeks of interviews falling through I decided to create this archival piece about school meal scandal during the UK lockdown.

Day 43/50

‘Something Fishy’

A girl finds an unexpected and insatiable guest in her bath.

The last week is here! So excited to be nearing the end of a long and arduous tunnel! Its been a very educational ride and I’m starting to think about what I can put into a showreel to complete this mission.

Day 44/50


A disturbed housewife creates a not-so-sweet treat.

I prodcued this peice as part of my Digital Film Production degree and considering we were just getting to grips with the equipment and new lockdown restrictions, I think we did a great job.

Day 45/50


This is a re-edit of a short zombie flick me and my classmate created right at the start of 2020. It’s wonderful seeing how far I’ve progressed!

Day 46/50

‘Dinner Party’

A very weird dinner party indeed.

Day 47/50

‘Potatoes and Perseverance’

The struggle of trying to create something that satisfies a need.

This is a feeling I’ve been struggling with a lot lately and I wished to capture it with this one.

Day 48/50

‘Bathroom Break’

Really excited to see this one come to life! It’s another one I’ve thought about for a while that I was keeping for a bigger bathroom and a trained actress but I’m pleased with what I can do within tight time and location restraints now!

Day 49/50

‘Skin Routine’

A nonsense piece about just some of the things I do to keep my skin looking youthful, glowing, and bloody.

Day 50/50

This video will sum up my feelings better than any title could.

I’m going to come back tomorrow and write up how I feel about the entire project because right now I am so drained that I can barely type.

I had planned an evening of champagne and treats but I think I need a huge nap first.

I made it, I did it, and I am so, so proud. And exhausted.