50 days of film

Spend Time Wasting - Production Designer

Production Designer


Spend Time Wasting by Josephine Sillars

Single released 17/11/22 by Come Play With Me

A film by Rhianonne Stone

Starring Josephine Sillars

Assisted by Jay Taylor

We Need To Talk - Production Designer

Created as part of 50 Days of Film - a challenge where I wrote, shot, designed and edited 50 Films in 50 Days over lockdown.

This was made by me at home after I couldn't be bothered to do anything but knew I had to do something so I tied a string to my tripod and tied the other end around my big toe to make a convincing camera pan. Honestly, I am so proud of how well that idea worked.

Although I redid the colour grading three or four times I still think it could do with some reworking but I'm only getting better.

Smile - Production Designer

The winner of SAE's 60-Second Mobile Short Film Competition.

Read more about my win here.

Entrants were asked to create a 60-second video while at home during the lockdown, I tried my best to make the mobile quality a part of the narrative and I am so thrilled it paid off! The hard grafting for the perfect story was so worth it for the software I won!

Shot on iPhone 6.

Written, Directed and Designed by me.

Starring Josephine Sillars, Jamie Hogg and myself.

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