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With over 10 years of combined experience in the fashion and film industry I can bring a unique set of skills to your next production. I have previously worked for big names such as Vogue, Coach and BBC Scotland.

Art Director for Film & TV

  • Since completing two art traineeships with BBC Scotland and becoming a Screenskills Art Trainee I have worked on broadcast TV and short films all around Scotland that have been shown at film festivals all over the world- I’ve even won a few awards for it.
  • My experience working in the fashion industry as a stylist and creative director has given me a highly trained eye for detail, a developed taste level and a vast bank of visual references to pull on. Basically, I’m neurodivergent and my special interest is storytelling via set and prop design.
  • I’ve handled real fish, raided fly tip zones for set dressing and have in-depth knowledge of all the paperwork necessary for a divorce in Wales - just some of my hidden talents collected from my years making films and TV shows look as good as they should.

Art Director for Music Videos/Live Sets

  • So, you’re doing a music video or trying to get a fab vid of your set to submit to festivals. You know you want it to be cool, make a statement and frankly show the world how fab your music is. Well, how do you do that exactly?
  • Just ask me! I’ve consulted on and made music videos for artists all over the country and regularly design, build, and produce music videos for my clients in Scotland and the rest of the UK. From big production teams on location to just me and the musician with a single light, I can create inspiring visuals to match all kinds of music and match you up with the right people to bring the vision to life (at all kinds of budgets too). Whether it's soft and feminine vibes you’re going for or you’re looking to submit a sick live set to get booked at music festivals and premiered on sites like Wonderland and Amazing Radio - I’ve got you covered.
  • I design sets, direct, edit, film and produce so if you need a one-woman production company or someone to get the right creatives involved in your project- get in touch today!

Art Director for Fashion Shoots

  • After mentioning my career in fashion- it’d be a shame not to show you what I can do. At 15 I got my first fashion internship. I got a taste for set life and knew I was hooked! I started on sets by styling models for e-commerce and fell in love with the process and decided from then on I’d be a stylist. This career saw me living in Paris working for Vogue, handling real Cezanne pieces and taxidermy sharks in some millionaire's flat and trying to convince my parents it was a real job.
  • This career was my jumpstart as a creative and it taught me a lot about what to do with certain budgets, time constraints and language barriers in big and small teams.
A teenage girl dances in a low lit dance floor with blue and purple lights. She is wearing a sprakly sequin top and her eyes are closed as she enjoys the dance.

Art Director for Advertising

Many creatives see advertising or e-commerce as where creativity goes to die but I don’t see it that way. For me, commercial content is an opportunity to inject wild creativity and ideas into content to grab audiences' attention. My first big campaign was with Coach US where I was sent their new (at the time) bags to advertise in my own unique way, since then I’ve created adverts for restaurants, yoga studios and even private medical companies! Whatever your niche- I can help you create engaging visuals that appeal to a wide variety of audiences. Drop me a message and ask me how I more than doubled a company’s social media following in less than a year.

Art Direction

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